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From the editor

With the Logistics World website, Finnish logistics learning material has been made available to everyone online. We hope that the site will be useful for those working in the field, as well as for educational institutions where future experts are trained. Naturally, the role of teachers is central in this context.

Anyone can provide an important topic and point out errors or outdated information on the World of Logistics website. The editor makes corrections and monitors that the site is up-to-date.

The World of Logistics website lives on with its readers, commentators and writers. We are grateful for all the material submitted to our site so far and hope that the development of the site will continue in cooperation.


The publisher of the World of Logistics website is the Reijo Rautauoma Foundation (Reijo Rautauoman säätiö sr).

Why did we start promoting logistics expertise?

In 2008, Reijo Rautauoma established a non-profit foundation, the main purpose of which is to promote and support education and research in the field of logistics.

Rautauoma worked in demanding positions in the forwarding and transportation industry for more than 30 years, and then for almost 20 years as the owner of a company engaged in foreign trade. In his work, he was often told how important it is to master key fundamentals in the world of logistics. In addition to his work, Rautauoma actively acted as a lecturer, telling those working in import and export trade about the services he represents. There were hardly any textbooks and most of them were mostly theoretical Finnish translations. People begun to work with quite incomplete information.

Today, both commercial and technical actors need logistics know-how. However, the sources of information for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are still quite incomplete and difficult to find. Similarly, on the teaching side, the scarcity of learning material, and especially its emphasis on theory, is perceived as problematic.

In 2011, the Foundation published a 4,000-copy edition of The Basics of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The majority were donated to libraries of commercial colleges of various levels and to students who chose the logistics major. Positive feedback and Rautauoma’s experience of the importance of knowledge of logistics for all those working in business and production economics led him to continue on the chosen path.

We are in this together

It was decided to develop the content of the new book taking into account the feedback received and additional requests. The number of authors familiar with the various topics of the book multiplied. With their contribution and ICT experts, it was decided to move from a printed book to a freely accessible presentation.

In January 2013, the always up-to-date World of Logistics website was created. Now, if necessary, the information can be constantly updated by our experts and, like the book, the edition will never become obsolete. The information is included and available whenever necessary, both at school and at work, provided that a technical device such as a computer or telephone is available. The site already has tens of thousands of users every month.

We thank all the expert writers, teachers, and implementation technicians for this perhaps slightly out-of-the-box publication for your work and your promise to be involved in the future.

We hope that Finnish business and education will be even more successful with good basic logistics knowledge.


The World of Logistics website is published by the Reijo Rautauoma Foundation. The authors are responsible for the content and the sources they use. The World of Logistics website is an introductory material in the field, which is why official regulations must always be reviewed from official sources.

The site contains links to external websites, such as sources, background, and additional materials. The symbol of an external link is a small arrow icon after the link, for example Reijo Rautauoma Foundation (Reijo Rautauoman säätiö sr). Outbound links open in a new browser window or tab by default. The World of Logistics is not responsible for the content or accuracy of external sites.