Express Transport

Express transport is used when shipment is intended to move fast and at a given time to be delivered to the destination. In addition to speed and reliability, the aim is an ease for a customer. Basic service covers transport from door-to-door within agreed period of time as well as forwarding handling, if it is a customs clear shipment. Customer can track a shipment on the Internet through tracking and tracing service (Track & Trace).

Express transport helps companies taking advantage of global trading opportunities as well as to improve their competitiveness. Companies of all sizes will benefit from fast, effortless transport. With express transport companies are able to react quickly to customers’ needs – for example in marketing materials, spare parts or delivery of new products. In terms of companies competitiveness express transport services are particularly important in those countries, which are located far from global main markets areas.

It is typical for express transport market that a few major players dominate the majority of the global total market. High-quality, maintaining an extensive transportation network requires major investments in aircraft equipment, distribution centers and terminals worldwide.