Packaging costs

Packaging and packing cause significant costs to manufacturers. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the cost factors. Personnel costs are naturally a significant cost issue, but the amount of packing personnel depends on the amount of products, orders and order lines, picking method (sorting / need for packing) and order periodicity as well as acquisition and disposal of packaging material after use.

Selection of the best and most cost-effective way of packaging and packing is a strategic choice. Packaging can be handled as a function, for example, immediately after production or packaging can be outsourced.

Packaging solutions are affected by characteristics of the product, production volumes, market areas, distribution logistics and personnel know-how. Especially, in the export companies can be justified to take care of consumer packaging only in destination country, where packaging can be easily marked with markings required by country in question.

In the trade between enterprises the emphasis is on the low-cost packaging overall costs in addition to product protection, ease of handling and environmental factors. If the product cargo is damaged during transportation, usually losses are replaced. Carrier, of course, is responsible for the cargo loss, lessening or damage in accordance with the Road Transport Contract act (TKSL) . It should be noted that carrier is not responsible for any damages caused by inadequate or faulty transport packaging, damage caused by support, inadequate handling of packages, labeling or other force majeure events.