Liner Waybill (LWB)

Liner waybill is:

  • a certificate given on behalf of the carrier of receiving the goods
  • a commitment to transport goods to destination and there hand over document to designated recipient so the recipient wont have to present a document
  • a transportation agreement, which contains or refers to conditions under which goods being transported

LWB is always addressed to the designated recipient and can not be transferred to another party. Shipper receives only original LWB.

When goods arrive to destination they are released to the designated in LWB recipient without presenting LWB. Goods can also be released to an authorized by recipient person, but in that case written authorization is required. In the case of LWB, before releasing goods, recipient should pay freight ja other possible fees required by the place of destination. From the legal aspect, LWB equals Bill of Lading except in negotiability and extradition procedure.