Road Transport Terminology

Pick-up/delivery/pre-carriage transport (esikuljetus) is the early stage of export transport, in which goods are transported from sender to international road transport terminal or port or airport for loading, the actual cross-border transport.

Delivery transport is the final stage of import transport, in which arriving goods are transported from terminal to recipient.

Line haul transport is a transport between two main storage points or transport in transport chain between the pick-up and carrying out distribution.

Transfer transport is a transport used within own organization.

Full truck load is a transport, in which cargo space is completely the same total haulage and transported as such from the starting point to the end point.

Less than truck load is a transport, where the whole cargo space is not covered. Due to economy and ecology, in one transport are assembled several partial loads.

Pick-up/collection transport is when transport company picks up goods from a sender for a line haul transport.

Distribution/delivery transport is when the goods are delivered after the line haul transport is completed from terminal or warehouse to retailer or end user of the goods.

Transport unit has been used in the transport packaging entity, which deals with the supply chain. The transport unit may include a roll container or pallet.

Pallets are further subdivided into

  • commercial / special / semi pallet (80 cm x 60 cm)
  • EUR-pallet (80 cm x 120 cm) and
  • FIN-pallet (100 cm x 120 cm).

FIN pallet used in Finland is based on VR’s (Valtion Rautatiet) use of the pallet, which is wider than the EUR-pallet, because Finland has a wider track width.