Freight Forwarding Today

Forwarding – what is it today? Forwarding is often quite unknown and vague to a person unfamiliar with the field. It is thought to have something to do with the handling of goods in ports or airports. In reality, the forwarding industry is much more. Forwarding services and closely intertwined logistics services have always formed the basis of international trade.

Forwarding agents ensure that the shipped goods reach the consignee in the manner required by applicable national and international laws, directives, regulations and agreements, at the right time, in the right place and in a cost-effective manner.

Video about Freight Forwarding in Finnish

Today, freight forwarding services refer to all types of services related to the transport, joint loading, storage, handling, packaging or distribution of goods carried out by one or more different means of transport, as well as related additional and advisory services.

Additional and advisory services include, for example, customs and tax services, the provision of official declarations for goods, the affixing of declarations to goods and the preparation, collection or payment of documents relating to goods.

Forwarding services also include logistics services utilizing modern information and communication technologies related to the transport, handling or storage of goods, as well as the effective management of the entire supply chain.

Forwarding today is therefore quite a wide range of logistical services. More information on forwarding can be found on the websites of industry advocacy organizations: