Implementation of E-commerce

E-commerce software is a complex system and building one from scratch is a major software project. E-commerce should be for customer easy to use, have an attractive look and be confidence-inspiring. For the trader e-commerce should also be easy to use, so that the processing of orders and product range will be maintained without problems.

While considering technical implementation of e-commerce, the matter can be approached in following divisions:

  • Building own, customized e-commerce software
  • Self-acting deployment of finished commercial or Open Source software
  • Implementation as purchase service of finished commercial or Open Source software
  • Outsourced e-commerce platform

Own E-commerce platform is justified when one is doing a considerable investment and trade aims at massive sales volumes

Payments in E-commerce

Easy payment lowers buying threshold and that is why it is important to consider carefully what payment methods will be integrated into online store. The most common payment methods are:

  • Online banking Payments
  • Credit card payments
  • Cash on delivery
  • Cash on delivery by bus
  • E-mail Invoice

Implementation of payment methods costs and e.g. different agreements in different banks related to online payment operations and technical addition to the online store is a laborious task. It is much easier to utilize ready-made services and with them, for example, with a single agreement online banking payments and credit card fees are implemented.