Physical Internet

Physical Internet is an open global logistics system based on the physical, digital and operative interconnectivity combined by unitizes, interfaces and protocols. Development network uses themselves slogan “Efficient Sustainable Logistics ” that is an effective and sustainable logistics.

Physical Internet could be defined as combined logistics services network or the logistics network of networks.

However, Physical Internet is a clear holistic approach to future transport system. Regardless the name, the trick is not in the technology itself like in the digital Internet, the big breakthrough especially is the added value which new products and services create.

Physical Internet is seen as a solution to create a sustainable, profitable and fair transportation system. This efficient and sustainable approach is smart for businesses and whole society. It is capable of handling physical products in the open global logistics network, because in the background of physical, digital and operative activities are connecting and enabling handling units, interfaces and protocols.

In the Physical Internet infrastructure, technology and business encounter in a new way that enables new business models and innovations. At the same time products will be at the right time in the right place efficiently, according to the principles of sustainable development.

In addition to technologies this is above all about new business opportunities.
Logistics centers in Physical Internet are going to be equivalent hubs like digital traffic has.
Therefore, the progress of physical Internet is particularly interesting theme precisely when anticipating and planning hubs.

The role of logistics hubs – logistics centers may grow significantly from the current situation. Logistics center combines levels consisting of different networks and transition from network or level to another takes place in the logistics hubs.

As in the digital Internet also in the Physical Internet the importance of hubs is critical: for example, e-mail moves from sender to recipient smoothly through different hubs as its own information package. Also containers and smaller than them standardized transport units can move the same way in the future transport system! In the hubs, these packages can be transferred from network to another and physically achievable transportation system resources and capacity are flexibly used in the whole world. This will significantly change our world. And as it happened in digital Internet also Physical Internet will open plenty new business opportunities and enables new business models!